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What is the origin of cancer?

The Ancient Greek, ‘Father of Medicine’ Hippocrates, used the Greek words, carcinos and carcinoma to describe (cancerous) tumors, thus making him the first person, historically, to bestow the disease with the ‘cancer’-like name, “karkinos.”
Cancer results from the body failing to recognize and destroy cells that do not replicate normally. Why? In the average human, about 100,000,000 cells replicate every day. Just by the shear number of cells replicating, some of them will replicate with errors. And one of the main functions of the Immune System is to identify and destroy these aberrant cells. It is only when the immune system fails to either recognizes the bad cells, or if it does recognize them it fails to destroy them, that it becomes cancer. This means that cancer is first and foremost an immune dysfunction disease. If the Immune System were working perfectly there would have been no chance for the cancer to begin. It would be destroyed on a cell-by-cell basis as it happened. This is actually the process that occurs in almost everyone from the moment of birth. But sometimes errors happen.

The genesis of cancer

Cancer is a leading cause of death in economically developed countries and is leading cause of death in developing countries.  10-12 million new cases of a cancer and 7-8 million cases of death from cancer annually.  Standardized rates of cancer incidence for the last 30 years has increased by 10-20%. According to Cancer Research UK , it is estimated that more than one in three people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime.. These statistics are based on standard set of worldwide estimates of cancer incidence and mortality produced by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) for 2008.  About 12.7 million cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths are estimated to have occurred in 2008 world-wide. Breast cancer in females and lung cancer in males are the most  leading cause of cancer death for each sex in both economically developed and developing countries.  A significant proportion of the worldwide burden of cancer could be prevented by  healthier dietary patterns.


  1. Nutrition disordercancro_de_maggiori
  2. Smoking
  3. Industrial carcinogens
  4. Viral infections
  5. Congenital mutations
  6. Reproductive disorders
  7. Alcohol
  8. Sun/UV

Multiyear Nature of Human Carcinogenesis, Kelloff GY, 2000

Promotion             Progression

  • Breast                 14-18 years            6-10 years
  • Prostate              10 years                 3-15 years
  • Colon                 5-20 years              5-15 years
  • Stomach             10-20 years            3-5 years
  • Lung                   5-40 years              6-10 years
  • Esophagus         5-20 years              3-4 years
  • Cervix                 9-13 years             10-20 years

Looking the first cause of cancer  “Nutritional disorder ”  in humans  are directly or indirectly caused by a lack of essential nutrients  along with  immune-stimulators  that are supposed to be present in food and naturally stimulate your immune system.  The problem with today’s food supply is that farmland soil is depleted of minerals and most of the food we eat is highly processed. Thus, it’s virtually impossible to get all the nutrition (natural immune-stimulators) you need from today’s food  and that is why we need to take carefully selected high quality nutritional supplements in today’s modern world. The use of nitrate fertilizers in growing vegetables could be the cause of the fastest growing cancer in the UK, new research has claimed.

Why do we need to activate our immune system?

1) Most people today are born depleted and toxic.  Even if one eats the best food, and one’s health were perfect, most of us are born today with nutritional deficiencies, thanks to deficiencies in our parents.  Both nutrient deficiencies, and toxic metals that require extra nutrients for their removal, are passed from mother to child through the placenta.

2) Today’s soil is depleted.   Many soils are low in zinc, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, calcium and magnesium.  This means that although one eats an excellent diet of organic foods, one will not obtain all the nutrients one needs.

3) High-yield crops are deficient in certain nutrients.  Ten times the amount of wheat is grown on the same land as was grown 100 years ago.  Today’s wheat contains about 6% protein whereas 100 years ago it contained 12-14%.  Trace mineral levels are similarly much lower due to high-yield farming methods.

4) Modern fertilizers do not supply enough trace elements.  One hundred years ago, manures were used extensively for fertilizer.  Today, superphosphate fertilizers have largely replaced manures.  These contain mainly nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and are deficient in the trace elements contained in manures.

Superphosphates often act more as growth stimulants.  This has contributed greatly to depletion of the soil and crop minerals.  This includes organically grown food, although it is much better..

5) Pesticides and herbicides kill soil microorganisms and affect the nutrition of the crops. Soil microorganisms are needed to make minerals and other nutrients available to plants.  The result is lower nutrient content.  Also, our bodies require extra nutrients to process pesticide residues that remain inside the foods.
Many pesticides are deadly chemicals that severely tax the human system.  Some contain lead, arsenic and other toxic metals that slowly accumulate in the body unless and until one follows a health program designed to remove them.
Our laws currently allow sewage and factory sludge to be sold as fertilizer that contains significant quantities of toxic metals.   These add greatly to our toxic metal burden and require extra nutrients to help remove them from the body.

6) Long-distance transportation of many foods diminishes their nutrition.Many foods are grown thousands of miles from population centers.  They may spend a week on trucks or trains to reach you.

As soon as a food is harvested, the levels of certain nutrients begins to diminish.  This is another factor that reduces our nutrient intake and increases the need for supplements.

7) Food processing often drastically reduces nutrient content.  Refining of wheat to make white flour removes 80% of its magnesium, 70-80% of its zinc, 87% of its chromium, 88% of its manganese and 50% of its cobalt.
Refining sugar cane to make white sugar removes 99% of its magnesium and 93% of its chromium.  Polishing rice removes 75% of its zinc and chromium.  Canned food may be quite old.  Frozen foods are nutritionally better but not as good as excellent fresh vegetables, meats, dairy and other products.

8) Food additives can further deplete nutrients.  Thousands of artificial flavors, colors, dough conditioners, stabilizers and preservatives are added to many foods.  While some are harmless and may increase the value of food, many are toxic and can deplete the body of nutrients.  For example, EDTA added to some frozen vegetables to preserve the color of the vegetable does so by removing vital minerals from the vegetable so it does not “tarnish”.

9) Weakened digestion and resulting poor absorption of nutrients. A result of eating refined, low-quality food with hundreds of food additives is that most people’s digestion is impaired.  This further impairs nutrient absorption and increases nutritional needs.  This is why in nutritional balancing programs, everyone is given a digestive aid and liver detoxification supplement.

10) Stressful lifestylesdeplete many nutrients including calcium, magnesium and zinc.  Zinc begins to be eliminated from the body within minutes of a stress.  This is why many people have white spots on their fingernails, for example.
Stress causes excessive sympathetic nervous system activity, which reduces digestive strength.  This, in turn, reduces nutrient absorption and utilization even further.  Thus, anyone under stress will need even more nutrients than those that live a very peaceful and quite existence.

For cancer to occur, there are three things that must take place:

  1. Some cell must have errors in replication for the process to begin. There are a number of things that will cause an increase in replication errors: Chemicals (the carcinogens) and some virus, but most importantly, age. It is age that causes the greatest errors in cellular replication. At 10 years old, most people have very few cellular replication errors. Probably less than 1000 per day out of the entire 100 million replications. By the time we reach 60, it is theorized that we have as many as 100,000 cells each day that fail to replicate normally. Consequently, cancer is much more common in 60 year olds than in 10 year olds.
  2. The 2nd thing that must happen is that the Immune system must fail to recognize the aberrant cell when they are formed. At the point of the initial error happening it is quite easy for the Immune System to overcome the bad cell. But if the cell escapes detection and divides again, then the third step can and often does follow:
  3. The third thing that must happen is that the Immune System must remain in a non-responsive state (or at least a less than ideal state) for the tumor to continue replicating. Most of the time, the body will overcome the tumor in the first few days/weeks/month of its life. But occasionally the tumor continues to evade detection and grows until it becomes large enough for a doctor to detect.

The point at which the tumor is large enough to detect can take a long time, even as long as 10 years. But by the time it is large enough to detect, it is already hundreds of millions of cells in size. By this point it is very difficult for the immune system to mount an effective defense against the invader, the tumor.

The concept of cancer treatment followed in America is essentially to cut, burn and poison in an attempt to kill off the bad cells (cancer cells) while supporting the good cells (healthy cells). Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the methods of choice, the best we have to offer. While this may be the best treatment option available in America today, most of the world adds another component to these standard methods. Adjunctive Immune Support.

The largest class of anti-cancer drugs being used in the world today is the polysaccharide immunomodulators. These are the compounds that trigger Immune Function. They bind to surface receptors on the various Immune cells and activate them. They either turn the cell on, or turn it off, or trigger the production of more of those cells or trigger the release of cytokines such as the chemical substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor. The reason this Immune System adjunct therapy being used along with conventional therapy is essentially as follows:

Some might say it is easy to get rid of cancer. You can simply take a knife and cut it out. But unfortunately, in doing so you have not removed the cause of the cancer, which is the immune dysfunction that allowed the cancer to proliferate in the first place. Nor have you addressed this cause when you kill the tumor off with chemotherapy, or if you burn the tumor out with radiation. All of these methods are useful, but ultimately they will fail unless adequate steps are taken to trigger an effective and appropriate Immune Response. With conventional cancer treatment the recurrence rate is so high that doctors in America are forbidden to even use the word “Cure”. They are required to use the term “In Remission” instead. That is because we know that the cancer is almost certain to return in the next 5 years. Why? Because the same cause that allowed the cancer to start the first time around is still present after all the chemo and the radiation and the surgery are over and done with.

Most people won’t change their eating habits. Or their stress levels, or move to a place with lower EMFs and less chemical pollutants in the soil and water. But once cancer occurs, these are some logical steps to take. Eat right. Drink clean water. Stay away from toxic chemicals. Quit Smoking. If you live in the farmland where everyday someone is spraying pesticides and herbicides, move away. These are just logical, common sense steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence of the cancer.

Purpose of this published study is scientific information and education, it should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. This website is designed for general education and information purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment.

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