Cancer Research (UK) on Medicinal mushrooms

Cancer Research (UK) on Medicinal mushrooms 2018-07-04T00:04:51+02:00


Official Government Publication:

Table of Contents  (PDF 8.87 kb)
Preamble (PDF 15.5)
Chapter 1 – Introduction (PDF 36.3 kg)
Chapter 2 – The Nature of Fungi with Special Emphasis on Mushrooms  (PDF 1.41 mb)
Chapter 3a – Medicinally Important Mushrooms Part 1  (PDF 8.12 mb)
Chapter 3b – Medicinally Important Mushrooms Part 2  (PDF 8.75)
Chapter 3c – Medicinally Important Mushrooms Part 3  (PDF 8.33)
Chapter 4 – Technology of Mushroom Cultivation (PDF 338 kg)
Chapter 5 – Extraction, Development and Chemistry of Anti-Cancer Compounds from Medicinal Mushrooms (PDF 399 kg)
Chapter 6 – Immunomodulatory Activities of  Mushroom Glucans and Polysaccharide-Protein Complexes in Animals and Humans (PDF 216 kg)
Chapter 7 – The Role of Polysaccharides Derived from Medicinal Mushrooms in Cancer (PDF 133 kg)
Chapter 8 – Additional Medicinal Properties (PDF 84.2 kg)
Chapter 9 – Regulatory and Safety Criteria (PDF 67.8 kg)
Chapter 10 – Conclusions(PDF 49.5 kg)
Appendix 1 – Overview of Human Immune System (PDF 603 kg)
Appendix 2 – Standard Antitumor Activity Test (PDF 12.7 kg)
Appendix 3 – Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer Prevention (PDF 17.0 kg)
Author Biographies (PDF 21.6 kg)
Executive Summary (PDF 32.7 kg)
Acknowledgment (PDF 6.89 kg)
Front Cover (PDF 6.17 kg)
Back Cover (PDF 26.29 kg)

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